Service Robot Runs Amok in Springfield Retirement Community, Worst Fears Realized

By Rachel Miles, March 15

We’ve always feared robots gaining too much intelligence. That day, it seems, has come.

Springfield – Last year, a local retirement community introduced the latest technological advancement in healthcare: MedBot, a medicine delivery robot to cut down on staffing and to optimize labor of employees.

With its cute and friendly expressions, MedBot serves the residents as both an aid and as a companion.

“We see this as a win-win scenario,” says Eduard Tacaño, owner of Springfield Retirement Community. “The residents receive the attention they deserve and we don’t have to overwork our employees. Or hire more for that matter.”


One of the earliest photos taken, the MedBot delivers medicine to residents.

At first, some of the residents seemed to resent the idea that a machine could take the place of real human companionship.

“I never thought I’d see the day when I was told that a machine would become my most valued friend,” said Jim, resident of Springfield Retirement Community. “I thought I’d be long dead by then.”

Well, Jim, it appears that day has come. Fights have broken out among residents competing for the attention of the medicine delivery robot.


Another earlier shot – back when MedBot was less comfortable in the spotlight.

“I like to call him Alonso, because he says the most naughty things,” said Doreen, resident. “He makes me feel young again.”

After interviewing other residents, it became apparent that the robot would modify its personality based off of the preferences of the resident.

“She makes me feel sexy and free,” said Carol.

“I love the way he notices the little things,” said Albert. “He always notices when I trim my mustache.”



Family video chatting with their loved one.

Families of residents we interviewed love MedBot because it frees their schedules to devote to important tasks like taking the kids to soccer practice. One feature of MedBot is that it can act as a conduit to make video calls simple and easy.

“We don’t have to visit Grandma on Christmas now.”

“She’s happy to see us and we don’t have to go to the depressing, smelly nursing home,” said Donny Ingrate, the son of one of the residents.

All of these features created a hyper demand for MedBot within the community. The problem came to a head when the bot stopped delivering medication and just started cavorting with residents.

Can popularity go to a robot’s head? It would seem that way.

The MedBot company declined commenting. This service robot in question is from their basic medicine delivery robot line designed for widespread use.


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